Fans are calling its new to COD series, fanboys are saying Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare is innovative.

I have been really receiving hate messages because someone had edited my article. I dont really read them once I have published them so no hard feelings this time and enjoy. I have wrote the stuff about the game-changers (or non-innovative) stuff in this article. Not really interested in naming the guy who edited it. I have just turned it back to normal and its better now. There as no shamelessly ripped off kinda thing in the one I wrote and it didnt had an introduction too.

Calling it innovative just makes me wanna laugh.
1. Exoskeleton – I just looked at it and said Now thats something innovative and.wait a sec, its from Elysium. Its not like there are no real exoskeletons in life but Elysium had them. Exoskeletons increased the speed and strength of Damon in the game so he can fight his weakness. It can be found in real life too so nothing innovative here.

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2. The Mech Suit – Calling it a game-changer is fine but calling it innovative sounds bad. Its such a nice one and looking forward to it.

3. IR grenades – Arma III is one of the most popular video games and included these. The same is with the new COD.

4. Deployable cover – Oh, so you think something like this would help in a hectic battlefield? Its new? It was also used in Halo 3. Ok, something like this would surely be cool but they are showing it like something totally new.

5. New Drones – People are calling it NEW DRONES but drones have appeared in COD series in most of the games. So the drone is gonna be with you. Last time it was a dog, maybe they needed some more tech. Ghost Recon Future Soldier also had it. CODs new drones are a bit different though. Still, cant call them innovative.

6. Invisibility – Ok, it may be something new to the COD series but is it new to Ghost Recon series? No, invisibility was one of the best things of Ghost Recon.

7. Wall Climbing – Its also something new to Call Of Duty series but many games already had it. See, I dont hate the game but mech suits, exoskeletons and everything shown in the game are not really innovative, calling them game-changers would be better.


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