Fans are calling its new to COD series, fanboys are saying Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare is innovative.

I have been really receiving hate messages because someone had edited my article. I dont really read them once I have published them so no hard feelings this time and enjoy. I have wrote the stuff about the game-changers (or non-innovative) stuff in this article. Not really interested in naming the guy who edited it. I have just turned it back to normal and its better now. There as no shamelessly ripped off kinda thing in the one I wrote and it didnt had an introduction too.

Calling it innovative just makes me wanna laugh.
1. Exoskeleton – I just looked at it and said Now thats something innovative and.wait a sec, its from Elysium. Its not like there are no real exoskeletons in life but Elysium had them. Exoskeletons increased the speed and strength of Damon in the game so he can fight his weakness. It can be found in real life too so nothing innovative here.

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2. The Mech Suit – Calling it a game-changer is fine but calling it innovative sounds bad. Its such a nice one and looking forward to it.

3. IR grenades – Arma III is one of the most popular video games and included these. The same is with the new COD.

4. Deployable cover – Oh, so you think something like this would help in a hectic battlefield? Its new? It was also used in Halo 3. Ok, something like this would surely be cool but they are showing it like something totally new.

5. New Drones – People are calling it NEW DRONES but drones have appeared in COD series in most of the games. So the drone is gonna be with you. Last time it was a dog, maybe they needed some more tech. Ghost Recon Future Soldier also had it. CODs new drones are a bit different though. Still, cant call them innovative.

6. Invisibility – Ok, it may be something new to the COD series but is it new to Ghost Recon series? No, invisibility was one of the best things of Ghost Recon.

7. Wall Climbing – Its also something new to Call Of Duty series but many games already had it. See, I dont hate the game but mech suits, exoskeletons and everything shown in the game are not really innovative, calling them game-changers would be better.


7 Factors increase your Google Search Ranking

Google search is claiming to be the Worlds #1 search engine, and we all know that very well. Every business or website owner is just trying to get the best from Google. But remember Google is #1 because it has that level of standards.To achieve top rankings in the Google organic search results, you need to do some hard work as well as some home work. Here I find 7 factors which effects Google organic search results ranking and stay you on the top of the searches.

If you follow these 7 factors then you must achieve top ranking in the Google search. Before going further let me clear you some things, please I always recommend be true with Google, then it will definitely loves you. If you try to make it fool, then definitely you will become the fool for your self. Because Google has its own technology to find such frauds. So please dont go with the black-hat SEO methods.Lets start this search ranking improvement session.

Factor1 : Your domain name Very important!  :

Choosing a proper domain name which matches with your niche is very important because Google will also consider the domain name keyword while calculating search rankings. So this is top priority thing you always need to remember is choosing a proper URL which reflects your niche.

And not only your domain name and also you need to maintain proper URL structure and while writing content to your website, you need to use the proper URL text along with the keywords.

For example if you are writing a page about Google hacked yesterday, then you need to have the same important keyword in the URL like this will increase the keyword density factor for your page and place it in the top position.

Factor2 : First words of the TITLE tag, HTML heading tags H1 to H6 :

This also another important factor which effects your search rankings, while writing your content at least in the first paragraph write the main and important keywords in the beginning, if possible use the important keyword in the beginning of the Title Tag. This will help the Google bot to understand your content fast.

HTML heading tags H1 to H6 :

Using heading tags will give more exposure to your content, it is one kind of method through which you can tell the search engines that what content and what keyword is imprtant.By using this formula Google bot can understand your content in a better way.

Factor3 : ALT text as long as you also describe the image :

Using ALT text for the images is nothing but describing or telling about your images and the content.This very important step and also very essential step because if you dont use ALT text for images, your website will will be not Validated in W3C validation. So factor also penalize your organic search rankings.

Factor 4 : Quality content on your index page. Try to make the length of your home page at least 300 words, however, dont hide anything from visitors eyes (VERY IMPORTANT!) :

Using fresh and quality content on your index page is very important because search engines like fresh and quality content, and also make sure that your homepage text must have at least 300 words, to achieve this please dont use any hiding method.

Because this is very important thing Google never likes such type of pages, so please dont hide anything from your visitors. That will badly effect your website.

Factor 5 : Link text for outgoing links :

Most of us will use Hyperlinks to other sites while describing about some instance or some information present in the other site. But if you know how to use this hyperlinks for you, then you can do something more for your website. Because while writing a hyperlink or oubound link always use Anchor tags or Anchor text. So these anchor text also help your page index in top of the search results.

Factor 6 : Drop-down form boxes created with the help of the SELECT tag :

This is may be helpful for some people but it is also very important for the websites which usually offers application forms or something like that, because while writing your form code always use select tag as the HTML tag. This will also help index your inner data of the contact form.

Factor 7  : Use some keywords in BOLD :

Last bu not least use some keywords in Bold, this is also one considering factor while analysis in the search results. So use some important keywords in bold.

These are the 7 factors which influence and increase your website ranking in the Google organic search results. If you have any suggestions or doubts you can contact me in the comment section below.

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What is Rsps or Runescape private server?

What is Rsps or Runescape private separate? Why individuals still play Rsps or Runescape private server?

From an untouchable’s viewpoint, Rsps is simply a poor man’s Runescape private server .

Be that as it may, take a stab at advising that to the amusement’s dependable fans who are similarly as in affection with Rspsrsps today as they were the point at which it initially discharged. In spite of the developing ubiquity of more present day Rsps, Rsps still has a solid after with a large number of dynamic players around the globe.

You have to understand about physical therapy

You have to understand about physical therapy



This is the appropriate form of treatment for people of all ages because it helps them to minimize their pain and take a peaceful road to recovery.

Physiotherapy Etobicoke

1. A wide range of physiotherapy
Trained physiotherapists actually heal care professional specializing in musculoskeletal problems. Some areas that include this healing technique including intensive care, mental health, Neurology and race, the conditions in the long term such as arthritis and breathing problems.

Another area is men’s women’s health, orthopedics and Traumatology, sports medicine, occupational health, pediatrics and for caring for the elderly and education and promotion of health.

Some therapists spend their free time with multidisciplinary teams that are doing the work for the hospital and the community clinic volunteers. This service can be found in private, clinical hospitals and physicians clubs sports.

2. The system of body healing technique
Center for physiotherapy helps you cope with many of your physical health problems and treat them by connecting them to the body system. Some of the musculoskeletal system including bones, joints, and soft tissue of our body. A neuromuscular include the human brain and the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system while controlling the way in which the function of heart circulation and blood. The respiratory system is one of the most important of all the organs that help us to breathe.

3. What exactly do mean physiotherapy
Physiotherapy centers managed by accomplished professionals who help people who need their services. They are exposed to the disease, disease or even paralysis can approach some places to heal with movement and exercise.

Physiotherapy works systematically with account current fitness levels, the mental and physical health of the patient and takes into account the specific needs of their questions. You can try some manual therapy techniques in which the healer to work with you using their hands and the body heat to relieve pain tired muscles and stiffness. Does it encourage blood circulation and creating blood flow to a part of your body.

New and innovative physical therapy forms a water treatment. This is done in the water with one number of other technical to help relieve the patient’s pain. Some other techniques such as the use of heat, ice, and even the art of acupuncture can help customers much.

You can visit this therapist for reasons of deterrence as well as therapeutic. The best part is that you do not need to reference the physician to see a therapist. Problems such as sitting or walking, able to hold a pen, that is all inclusive with their physical therapy and you can be assured that you will recover in time.

Who is faced with the problem of a far more sinister such as speech disorders, memory loss, same bladder control problems has been known to benefit from physiotherapy. Basically, heal you by way of recycling the muscles to perform their main as movements they way a doctor in order to rehabilitate stroke. The intensity of your pain will determine factor when it comes to the amount of time it takes to recover.